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21st-Jun-2007 09:30 pm - WHAT'S UP, PEOPLE?!
So, WOW, LJ and internets. I just skimmed through 12 pages of 50 entries apiece on my f-list. CRAAAAAA~ZY... I guess this is what will happen every time I leave LJ for more than a day. I should either live on LJ or cut down on how many comms I watch. Mm...

Cut for whining about work, my bad run of luck, my poor car, and radiators being dumb fucks...Collapse )

I've been really irritated with fandom recently for some reason. People being dumb, shallow fangirls and fanboys have just been getting on my nerves for some reason. I mean, it never used to really bother me before. I'd just shrug and pity them for being so stupid. I don't know what's wrong.

... Now that I think about it, it's probably 'cause I keep missing my meds. >_> Hmph. Or maybe I'm becoming elitist? What is elitist anyway?

But OMG, Ergo Proxy. I finally got around to watching some of the other episodes that are *not* my faves in the dub. I have to say Jaffe's kind of disappointed me in terms of the script adaptation. A lot of the stuff is better the way Shinsen's got it, and I am by no means a sub purist. >_> You seem like a nice guy, Jaffe, but fucking with one of my all-time fave anime is not a way to get on my OMGAWESOME list. >_> I better as hell not be making this face during the next volume --> D<

So, anyway, how's everybody out there doing? I'll probably poke around and comment after I finish my ironing. :3

Also, question for all y'all animanga people out there who go to/have been to any cons.

A lot of unnecessary backstory: After the most recent Sakuracon, I decided I really wanted to do staff. I've had such an awesome time every Sakuracon I've been to, doing staff sounded like great fun/work/social stuffs, and I really wanted to try and do what I can to make everyone else's experiences as awesome as mine were. So, I signed up to be a rover for SAS next year, just a really low-level, basic, mindless job, but I figure it leaves me enough flexibility to go and do stuff I wanted and have enough extra time to help out in other departments if need be. Anyway, I've been making it a point to make it to each month's general meeting, said day trips for which are hella fun, even if the drive is 3 hours one way. And at both meetings so far, there's always been this underlying cry of "Staff PLZ!". Now, granted, it *is* completely volunteer. You're not getting paid for any time you put into the con, but there are some perks to doing staff and I personally think that it's going to be not only busy but a lot of fun as well.

Anyway, I've been trying to convince my brother and a couple of the guys who went last year to do staff this year. But they all keep saying no and that "Oh, well, you're not getting paid, right? That's stupid, I don't want to do that." I mean, they all talked about how awesome it was and they're already planning for next year, but I don't understand why they're so against doing any sort of volunteer work with the con. So now I'm curious as to whether or not the people on my f-list volunteer at cons or not. Which brings me to my question(s). Poll time!

Poll #1007917 Conventions: volunteering

Do you or have you attended an anime convention or conventions?


If yes, do you...

1: just attend.
2: volunteer.
3: staff.
4: help out if a staff member pulls you over and asks.

If you chose option 1 or 4, why do you not choose to volunteer/staff?

I'm too busy with other things at the con.
I usually run panels and help the con that way.
It's a waste of time. I'd rather be doing something else.
There's not enough compensation.
I don't spend a lot of time at the actual con. I usually only go there for a few different things.
I'm really shy.
It's too hard. I just want to relax and not have to deal with stupid people/crazy problems.
It's simply too far away. The con(s) I attend is/are not within a reasonable driving distance.
No reason.

If you chose option 2, 3, or 4, why do you decide to do it?

[Saiyuki] This is God. Leave a message.
lol, My mother's face when she saw caught me screaming and jumping up and down when I opened the box with my Hellsing Ultimate 02 special edition today was utterly priceless. It was like a OMGWTFBBQISSHEHIGH type face. Haha.

I flipped through the booklet, it's pretty cool. OMGWALTERMOOOOOOOOOOOAAARPLZ. I still haven't had a chance to watch it though. D: I did notice that cLT has put out a dual-audio rip release already. That was FAST. Anyway, I can't wait to have a chance to sit down and watch it and then watch the interview (PATRICK SEITZ, O~M~G~!!!). YAY!!! I'm sneaking LJ while my mom isn't looking. She's been totally hounding my ass to finish a report that should've been done yesterday. She's sleeping now (I hope) and I just flipped through 7 pages of 50 entries apiece on my f-list. WUT. I'm gone for two days, and this is what happens. D: Also, sorry if I missed any entries and/or didn't comment on something. I was skimming kind of fast. ^^;;;

Mm... what else? OH, my mp3 player came today. I checked out the one volyund suggested, but it was too small, so I got this other one from Creative Zen, I think it is. 60 gig video mp3 player. Pretty good price, good reviews, hopefully it works out well.

Also, I got a DS lite today, and I bought the two Phoenix Wright games (and I got Pokemon Diamond and MarioKart DS for my kid brother so we can share). Ahahaha, I spent way too much money this week. But I can't wait to actually play. :3

Um... Work is totally killer. It's fun, but it's hell on my feet. *needs good shoes* And it's busy like a motherfucker. Someone help. D:

Anyway, hope everyone out there in f-list land is doing well.

To historyblitz and bitis_gabonica: You guys are so awesome, and I hate to see you so down. I know we don't know each other IRL, but I love you all the same, and I hope life starts getting better. *hugs*

I might be back later depending on how quickly I get this fucking thing done. D8

[EDIT: So I just read through the comments on this post, and now I'm seriously beginning to doubt my recollection of the 02 dub. Maybe Lister was better than I had originally thought? Ack. Now I REALLY can't wait to watch it. OMG.]
[Ouran: Kaoru] Huzzah!!!
So, I figure I might as well do the memes everyone in f-list land is doing.

Stolen from Everyone and his mother
Name any character I know and I'll tell you three reasons why s/he sucks.

and So, brennadouglasmw, your LiveJournal reveals...Collapse )

You are... 3% unique (blame, for example, your interest in seras's boobs) and 18% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy water). When it comes to friends you are normal. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are wary of trusting strangers. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 18

(The average level of weirdness is: 27.
You are weirder than 37% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

lol, Seras's boobs are so much LOVE though! How could you *not* be interested in Seras's boobs?! And I want to know what person doesn't enjoy water. >_>

I think my weirdness rated higher than it actually should be since I took "yaoi" off my interests during Strikethrough 07. I wonder if I put them back on maybe it'll lower the score?

Anyway, some backstory: I finally broke down and decided to buy the limited edition Hellsing Ultimate 01 DVD since I'd already squee'ed over and preordered 02 (shipped yesterday!!!), but all of the online sites I went to said "Discontinued". BLARGH. Luckily enough, I had been at Suncoast and I saw they'd had a copy, so I ran back there the very next morning and attacked it. (They also have this buy-one-get-one-free on all Geneon titles, so I got the second volume of Ergo Proxy for free. :3 It doesn't have that awesome card thing though. D:)

So I watched the extra disc of the Hellsing Ultimate with the interview. Crispin Freeman... Cute, but maybe gay? Y/N? Y... While watching the interview, it was really interesting to hear about the different things that went into casting for the English dub in terms of character interpretation and accent accuracy. And thinking on it, that's one of the things that makes it hard for me to say which cast I like better. They're both excellent, just different. Alucard, for example: Nakata does an amazing job of making Alucard sound very dangerous and sensual and insane. An amazing job of making him sound insane. It's the way he makes Alucard laugh. >_> Freeman does an amazing job of making Alucard sexual and classy and playful. Different, but both are good. I do favor Nakata though. He could probably make me orgasm on command. That is how HOT his voice is. Even when he does Diethard I get a little uncomfortable. >_> The only thing I absolutely hate about the English cast is Seras. Her accent is ridiculous. D< KT Gray is cute, but I still want to strangle her. She does a good job of making Seras's vampiric side very dark and she throws in a lot of sexual tension with the violence, and I would absolute love her Seras if it weren't for that fucking accent. It makes me want to turn around and bitchslap somebody. To forget my irritation, I will state here that I want to have sex with Victoria Harwood's voice. I mean, it's HOT when she does Integra and ordered people around, but after hearing her do Doc in Texhnolyze... Nngh... Anyway Ralph Lister was excellent as Walter in the anime. He definitely outshone Kiyokawa in the series, but since the character has changed significantly in the OVA... I was definitely a little disappointed in Lister's Walter. Kiyokawa completely PWNED at being sinister, sadistic, and cultured all at the same time, and I'm really sad that Lister fell short since I think he has the potential to be absolutely amazing as OVA!Walter. I really wished he'd changed his reading from what it was in the anime. They were too similar. :( I wonder if he'll still be doing the voice once Dark Walter comes along...

Poll #999320 Hellsing

Which cast did you like better for the anime series?

I liked them both about the same.
I like different things from each.
I've only heard one cast.

Which cast do you like better for the OVA series? (only comparing OVA 1 and OVA 2)

I liked them both about the same.
I like different things from each.
I've only heard one cast.
Hellsing again?

Just for the hell of it: Favorite Hellsing character(s)?

So, I've gotten my hands on volumes 2 through 4 of Ergo Proxy so far. The special edition box of volume 1 is in the mail and on it's way. :D Anyway, I was watching the episode where Iggy is commanded by the Regent and his advisors to go back to Real. I had thusfar been pretty ambivalent about Willingham's Iggy. I didn't much care for him when he did Roy in FMA, but he really floored me in this episode. His interpretation and delivery of Iggy's duality was... He has changed my skepticism as to his abilities as a voice actor. I think he definitely outdid the Japanese Iggy by at least 120%. Also, Patrick Seitz as Raul = a combination I could have only made in my dreams. He's done Raul really well so far. This is another case of the "different, but good" scenario. Japanese Raul did certain things really well, and Seitz does certain things really well. I can't wait to hear how he does Raul in the last arc. I don't know if I'll be able to watch it again. *cries* I really really like the English dub for Kristeva. I love the way she's talking for this character. I am, however, pretty disappointed in the VAs for Vincent, Pino, and Real. O'Brien's too whiny (I'm worried about what'll happen when Ergo Proxy starts having serious speaking parts. Will they use another VA?), Hirschfield does a good job with the pace and pitch but her reading of a lot of Pino's lines doesn't fit with the character, and the English Real is just not very good. >_> Japanese cast completely wins with these three. Though, I might be biased in favor of Yajima. I love love love her voice. Also, MCQ FTW.

Poll #999321 Ergo Proxy

Which cast do you like better?

I liked them both about the same.
I like different things from each.
I've only heard one cast.
Ergo Proxy?

Fave Ergo Proxy character(s)?

Anyway... I have recently discovered the anime/manga bug. After I bought the Read or Die manga, I've been completely binging on buying manga. I can't stop myself. And same thing with anime after I went and got the Hellsing OVA 01. I've bought six(?) DVDs in the last three days and I'm already planning on buying more. D: I'm also obsessively browsing for bags, figurines, models, and cool clothes from different anime too. Now I understand what people mean when they say that being addicted to anime and manga is worse than crack. It's completely legal and you can get it over the internet. Someone save me... *dies*

Also, in addition to being addicted to anime and manga, it seems I'm addicted to polls as well. D:

In other news: I FINALLY GOT A JOB. HUZZAH!!! Tomorrow's my third day; I really like it so far. It's really mundane work, but I think it's a lot of fun. And the atmosphere is awesome.

OH! I almost forgot. My mp3 player recently broke. It was just a generic 5 gig mp3 player, and it worked well enough but now it's dead. I'm definitely going to get a new one, but I'm not sure what kind. I've been contemplating whether or not I should just spend the extra money and get a nice I-Pod, but I'm not too sure. Lend me your opinion? Yes, I know I'm ridiculously indecisive and I rely too heavily on others to make my decisions for me. Will you still help and love me?

Poll #999322 I-Pod

I-Pod. Y/N?


If yes, what kind?

I-Pod nano
Video I-Pod
Some other kind of I-Pod. (Comment plz? :3)

If no, why not?

Are there other mp3 players you recommend?

had a long day today...
[Saiyuki] This is God. Leave a message.
3rd-Jun-2007 09:21 am - Anime, WUT
So, I just watched Kanashimi no Belladonna a few hours ago. MINDFUCK WUT. Even after letting it settle in my brain for a while, it still has to go under the "Anime that Scarred Me for Life" category. I will now see penises everywhere... THE HORROR. D: The art/animation was lovely though.

In other news, all y'all out in f-list land, I've been debating whether or not I should watch Romeo x Juliet. What's it like? I'm wary of watching a lit. remake. Even if it is only loosely based on the original. Is it any good? Are there any things about it that are outstanding? Should I watch? Y/N? Too lazy to comment? A POLL!

Poll #996367 Romeo x Juliet

Do you like Romeo x Juliet?

Eh, it's OK. Some good, some bad.
I'm ambivalent.

Should I watch it?

What are we talking about?
Ticky, YESPLZ.

What do you like about Romeo x Juliet?

What *don't* you like about Romeo x Juliet?

Do you like me? Circle one.


Mm, I am going out in a little bit, so I hope for people to tell me what to do when I get back! :3

Also, spleen IS THE WIN for actually using the corn joke in her layout. CORN FTW. If you get the joke and think it's funny, you are sick just like us. XD
[Naruto] They&#39;ve come to probe me!
So, I'm sure most of you have had a bazillion and a half posts on your f-lists about the great LJ Strikethrough of 2007, so I guess I'll just say I'm a little confused, disappointed, and LOL-ing. At what, feel free to ask, but I'm sure you don't want to hear any more on it.

Anyway, I finished watching Read or Die (OVA) and ROD the TV not too long ago and I loved them. The OVA was awesome awesome awesome minus Crispin Freeman's horrible impersonation of an accent. (You're ON NOTICE, bitch!) The series was full of jiggling boobs and nonsensical plot points, but the characters were fairly likable, the dub was well-done, and the animation was good. Anyway, the one thing I am completely obsessed with, however, is Joker. ZOMG hot British bastard alert. And W00T for JB Blanc and his sexy voice. He can patronize me any day. I think Joker pwned his way up to my third all-time favorite fictional character in the span of about 5 episodes. >_> My friend thinks I should cosplay Yomiko for Sakuracon next year but I've already got my heart set on doing CC and I'd need a Joker to go with me anyway.

Joker's the main reason I decided to start reading the manga, and I just finished volume 2 earlier this afternoon. I'm probably going to the bookstore tomorrow to hopefully get my hands on volumes 3 and 4, and maybe Read or Dream too. :3 Anyway, he's so cracked out in the manga. Major WTF and hilarity. I love manga!Joker and anime!Joker equally. eeheehee... God, between Walter, Joker, Sherlock Holmes, and Christian Bale, I seem to be developing a real fixation on UK men. >_>

Anyway, The manga doesn't seem to be nearly as character driven as the anime was. I mean, Yomiko is getting a lot of development so far, but everyone else seems kind of ... meh. Donnie seems like he'll get more work, but I don't know about anyone else. Anyway, the plot and storyline are more interesting and believable than the anime's, but I'll hold back on reviews till I finish it. I wish I had gotten into this series before Sakuracon though. Then I could've gotten Kurata to sign something other than my Death Note. :(

Anyway, (Geez, how many times have I said "anyway" anyway?) still no new prospects on the job front and I'm starting to think gouging my eyes out with a spoon will be less frustrating. But the medications are keeping me from getting too depressed and for some reason I'm still very hopeful about it. WTF Fighting!

Also, I'm very disappointed that Stephen Colbert won't be coming back to Harvey Birdman. What's Harvey Birdman without Phil and Reducto? Nothing, I tell you. Just another dude in a mask with ginormous wings.

And just so this entry isn't completely pointless spam-like fangirl squeeage, a couple of Robot Chicken sketches VIDSPAM!

Childhood Onset Schizophrenia. Calvin and Hobbes fans will appreciate the hilarity and sadness. :3 Mars is amaaaaaaazzziiiing...

This one's not that funny, but it made me smirk. Bring me a taco! Probably only watch if you do not think the president is intelligent. >_>

I'm hella bored right now so I'll probably make some graphics or something and then come back with another entry...
[FMA] chibi!Envy: :3
ROAR, you can't drive out of town without a babysitter!!!Collapse )

Anyway, so I've been feeding my obsession for making mini-movie icons even though I'm horribly bad at them. I can never think up witty text, and I'm horrible at making interesting borders/color schemes. >_> Anyway, there are a bunch more animated icons under the cut. I don't want to spam and/or slow down your f-list. ^^;

So, there are five Death Note ones (SAKUJO. SAKUJO. SAKUJO.) and then ten or so Hellsing ones. Let's see, there's Pip, Maxwell, Luke, Jan, and Harkonnen. ^^

Cut for what is most likely not dial-up safe.Collapse )

Agh, *must start making other graphics again*... Anyway, if anyone wants a certain scene/text or something, feel free to ask! I like doing something for a purpose. :3

EDIT: I just realized I put one of the Pip ones in twice. >_>
[Naruto: Gaara]
20th-May-2007 05:13 am - Who's wasting time? Not me!
So, I just spent the last couple hours fighting my tiredness because I've been obsessed with making animated icons. Y'know, those mini-movi eones? I hadn't really had a chance to experiment with the technique till I made a potato chip icon for spleen and then a bongos one for vegeta_holic. After that I've been obsessed with making mini-movie icons. D:

Anyway, I chopped up a handful of clips friom Hellsing OVA 2, and I've finished two icons so far. Four including the two text variations. >_> I have so many icons I want to make, but I'm just so unmotivated so I decided "I will definitely make one before sleeping" and one turned into two and a half... ^^;

I can't ever think of witty text or interesting border ideas so... if anyone has any suggestions?

YAY Wlater! Though, this one is too small and short to do him any justice...

And I am insanely proud of this one, even if the border (what border?!) sucks donkey's balls... It's a bit fast too. I'll probably go and fix the timing later. IR is being a bbitch.
[edit] Here's a slightly slower version. I like it better: [/edit]
YAY! Seras jst pwned that ghoul!

And now I'm off to bed since I can barely keep my eyelids open... I'm sure this entry as full typos. >_> I'll probably come back and try to edit them out. Maybe noe.

PS - If anyone wants me to doa specific scene or text or something, please ask. If someone actually wants me to do one, it makes me feel happy thta I can do something mildly pleasng to others, and it motivates me to finish quickly. I love having something to do that isn't borong. ;3
[Ouran] Nekozawa says &quot;boo&quot;.
18th-May-2007 11:33 pm - Sup guys 8D
It's like hacking, but not at all. ♥ Spleen.
[Ouran: Kaoru] Huzzah!!!
17th-May-2007 05:47 pm - blithering and a quick meme
So, I'm in a really good mood. I'm glad the medications are kicking in. XD

And I've just finished watching Ebichu the Housekeeping Hamster; I have been scarred for life. >_> I'll probably make icons of it or something. It was majorly cracked out with high doses of WTF-ery.

Anyway, I finally got my hands on Sex Love Pistols vol 1 since my local bookstores are lame and didn't have it in stock when it was released. *shakes fist* Anyway, I was so excited, and I read it in one day, and it is as awesome the fourth time around as it was the first. I have to find a place to hide it though. I can't let my family find it. They already have a problem with me reading Hellsing, and I can only imagine what will happen when they find out I've got a yaoi manga on my shelf. I'll probably put it in the drawer with my sex books. :/ I can't wait for volume 2... *wibbles*


Quick meme, stolen from vegeta_holic:

I want each of you who reads this entry to leave a comment asking me up to three questions. Make them good. They may be as deep as can be, or not-so-deep, but if you know the answer already, don't ask. Then I'll post the answers in the next update.

So if there is something you really want to know, now is the time to ask.

Also, don't feel shy if you do happen to want to ask a question. ^^ And if you don't want to ask me anything, that's cool too.
[Geass: Cheese-kun]

Minor warnings for any people out there who are squicked by period talk.

WHY? Why do I have to freaking bleed and suffer for a fucking week every fucking month for no fucking reason?! Stupid uterus. I have no use for you. Why do you torture me so? BLARGH.

I think we women should be allowed to flick a switch saying we don't want our uteri if we don't want kids. Dumb uterus. I hate you. I don't mind my vagina and ovaries and other whatnots (even though these boobs are kind of irritating), but this dumb baby sack needs to go. It just sits there and cramps and bleeds and doesn't do anything useful. It just begs to be punched or get cancer. Stupid, stupid, stupid thing.

[A:tLA: Aang] Why?
10th-May-2007 01:00 am - PRIZE PLZ
I'm tired, but I'm also in a really good mood. My brother's are being a couple of dicks since my parents are out of town, and they've just been trying to walk all over me. D: But I went over to a friend's house and his family and another family and I just hung out. WAY FUN. I totally blew all my stress there, and my friend and his family are going to keep their eyes peeled to let me know about any openings or job opportunities. So, I'm feeling pretty happy.

Anyway, I just randomly felt like updating.
Donations?? Pr0n is also double plus good. :3


I might maybe be back possibly tomorrow with some memes or an update or an anime review (I've been watching a bunch) or something. :D
[FMA] Ed is having a blast.
29th-Apr-2007 06:33 am - Sweet. Merciful. Fuck.
Cut to save your SOUL... And your f-list... Spoilers for Hellsing manga ch82Collapse )

Oh. My. Dear. God. I knew he was hot before, but his hotness just multiplied by 5000. *melts* YAY for my second fave Hellsing character getting some LONG overdue fanservice. HUZZAH!

Walter is still the number one hottiest on my list though. And my favoritest. :3

Anyway, I'll be back eventually with a post or two. Or seven. Or none. ^^

EDIT: Also, just a question, is it even possible for the muscles to end up looking like that?
[FMA: Lust] Drunk with Blood
23rd-Apr-2007 05:49 pm - Memes
Drop me a comment and I will give you 3 interests on your list, and 3 of your icons, for you to explain.
From spleen.

Dae Jang Geum: Dae Jang Geum is an awesome Korean historical drama that I saw. I really loved it. ^^ (And this reminds me that I should go and put a space in there...)
D/s: D/s stands for Domination/submission. I've studied a little about BDSM but I'm particularly interested in the D/s part. :3 (NOTE: Those links are not worksafe. ^^;)
Q: Q, it's a Star Trek thing... Yes, I'm a nerd. :3 Anyway, Q is an omnipotent being with powers that are fairly godlike and a penchant for playing around with lower life forms for his amusement. ^^

icons under cut...Collapse )

List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're any good, they must be songs you are presently enjoying. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your seven songs

Seven SongsCollapse )

Took this from tomoe_daeva.
1. Comment in this post with a pairing, a character, or a threesome.
2. I shall write you back a paragraph explaining what I think about it (good, bad, indifferent) and why.
3. Let's argue about it. [Or we can just be not obnoxious and agree to disagree?]

Took this from spleen.
Give me three characters from any fandom I know. I will pick one to marry, one to have sex with, and one to push off a cliff. No divorce for the first option, only once for the second option, and they die for the third option.

[X-Men: Magneto]
So, I found out that my friend, his brother, and their cousin are having this bet sort of thing. The first of the three to get a six pack before July 1st will be taken out to dinner by the losers while said losers are wearing dresses/dressed liked women.

Now, my first reaction was "Y'know, the winner's going to look like a pervert with a couple of transvestites, right?" My second reaction was "OMG, can I join in?" They didn't give me a straight answer as to whether or not I was going to be included, but I think it'll be fun to try to get a six-pack/nice abs before those guys even if I don't win anything. I was planning on slimming down for my (first ever!!!) cosplay next year anyway, so this is as good a time as any to start.

So, starting several hours ago, many of my guilty pleasures are henceforth prohibited.
--No fast food
--No junk food (chips, cookies, sugary things, and the like)
--No soda
--No alcoholic drinks... *sob*
--Ice cream and/or other treat reduced to once a week ONLY if I've been behaving or if I'm really depressed (This one is already hard to bear...)
--Drink lots of water
--Eat lots of fiber, and kimchee :3
--Eat lots of fish and nuts (since I don't really like meat and I need protein)
--Drink more water

And starting tomorrow morning, I'm planning stretches, a run to the park, a workout on the playground, and a run back to the house for at least every other morning, if not *every* morning.

I'm so psyched about this... I've never really done anything like working out or dieting like this, so I'm really feeling good about trying to see this through till I've got abs. ^_^

YAY! Cheer me on!

I'll probably be back tomorrow with an update, a few memes, and some anime stuff...

[EDIT: Also, I need to remember to keep a log of my weight and measurements once a week or so.]
[FMA: Ed] Determination
15th-Apr-2007 08:01 pm - Hot or Not?
OK, I seriously want to know how the heck I missed seeing this guy at Sakuracon!!!

... Oh, right, I was standing in a goddamned line. D:
[FMA: Archer] ~nyoron~
15th-Apr-2007 02:18 am - What the hell did I just watch?!
Is this... the coolest music video ever?

wait... wut?
[Naruto: Lee &amp; Gai-sensei]
13th-Apr-2007 04:42 am - Should I be sad or amused?
So I'm going to commit suicide by disappearing? o_O I love confusing quizzes... >_>

You scored as Suicide. Your death will be suicide. What more can I say? Fact: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If you want to know how you will commit suicide, take a look at your second highest percentage on the bar graphs.






Natural Causes




Cut Throat


















How Will You Die??
created with QuizFarm.com
[A:tLA: Aang] There&#39;s no Santa?
13th-Apr-2007 04:06 am(no subject)
LMAO. So yeah, I completely laughed. Swiped from historyblitz. :3

--Go to Google.com
--Click on Maps.
--Click on "get Directions".
--From New York
--To Paris

--And read line # 23.

If you laugh, repost this.

ETA: I tried it with New York and Honolulu and it didn't work! D:
[Emperor&#39;s New Groove] kitty!Yzma: &gt;XD
11th-Apr-2007 09:32 pm - Sakuracon 2007 report
So, I had a helluva lot of fun. SO MUCH FUN!!! I can’t wait till next year. I want to cosplay, so I should maybe start planning a costume/character or something. ^^

Thursday and FridayCollapse )
Saturday: Hellsing Ultimate panel, and ferries!Collapse )
What the hell did all my spending money get used on?Collapse )
Hellsing Ultimate premiere!!!Collapse )
Sunday: the Hirano and Nightow Autograph Debacle of 2007Collapse )
COSPLAYERS!!!Collapse )

So that’s about it for my con report. I had hella fun. I’m already planning next year’s trip! :3
[GitS: Tachikoma] YAY!
7th-Apr-2007 01:42 am - Almost 2 am now... MUST. SLEEP.
Woot, quick update. The Sakuracon trip has so far been pretty fun, a little hot, and very taxing on my poor feet. I did, however, see a really good Girlycard and Pip together, and an AWESOME PhoenixWright/Edgeworth pair. And a buncha other great costumes. Expect picspam when I get home and a real update. I just wanted to squee a little here to say that OMGHELLSING2PREMIEREIN20HOURS!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Also, I just got through watching the Hellsing Ultimate 03 raw after I got back to our room, and... WTF, Hellsing Ultimate 03? YOU SUCK. AND I HATE YOU. There were three things I liked about you. The ending credits sequence, OVA!Pip, and Walter. And that last one shouldn't even count since I would have loved him no matter what. D: DIE HELLSING OVA03. Here's to hoping OVA4 is as good as or better than 02. *sob*
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